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ConstructionOnline™ Weekly Publish Report for the Week of March 13, 2023

ConstructionOnline Weekly Publish Report | Updates & Enhancements Released for the #1 ranked construction management software | March 13, 2023

As a part of providing cutting-edge construction management software, UDA Technologies releases regular updates, enhancements, and new features to its award-winning construction management platform—ConstructionOnline™. Recent additions to the platform include - 


  • Updated the styling and overall functionality of “Sort” tools available for OnPlan™ Schedules:
    • To sort OnPlan™ Schedules by any particular column, users should right-click on any column header and choose the option to Sort Schedule by this Column.
    • Doing so will open a “Sort Schedule” window where the user can select sorting preferences from 2 available options:
      • Sort Value: Colum by which the user would like to sort. 
        Note: The "Sort Value" will automatically populate to the column the user right-clicked when opening the Sort window, however this can be adjusted by the user from this dropdown menu. 

      • Sort Direction: Either ascending/descending order. 
    • Choosing "Save" will confirm the preferred sort parameters to be applied to the Schedule, and users will see this reflected visually on the Schedule with the column highlighted and a red "Sorted by" badge displayed. 
      • Users can clear the sort by clicking the "X" on the "Sorted by" badge. 
      • When any sort is applied to the Schedule, tasks cannot be dragged vertically, and any newly added tasks will adhere to the applied Sort parameters. 


  • Change Orders and Client Selections remain exclusively available for Project Templates in ConstructionOnline.
    • Controls for Change Orders and/or Client Selections are not available within free-standing Estimate Templates. 


  • Change Orders remain exclusively available for active Projects in ConstructionOnline.
    • Controls for Change Orders are not available within Opportunities or Opportunity Estimates. 


  • Project Invites are consistently and exclusively sent to ClientLink and/or TeamLink Contacts for Projects set to “Live” in ConstructionOnline. Project invites are no longer sent for pending projects.
    • When a ConstructionOnline Company User updates the Project Status from Pending to Live, the system sends Project Invites as expected to the relevant ClientLink & TeamLink Contacts listed on the Project.


  • Project Message Conversations created by Company Users consistently remain visible within the associated Project, specifically in instances where the Creator has been removed from the Company Account. 


  • Updated Mobile App API to streamline access to Project Schedules for ClientLink and/or TeamLink Contacts. 


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