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Updated Subcontractor Agreement Reports Enhance Contract Management for Construction Firms

ConstructionOnline Expands Subcontractor Agreements to Include Construction Change Orders and Construction Selection Sheets | Construction Contracts & Reports | Construction Reporting Software | Construction Management Software

UDA is excited to announce the addition of Subcontractor Agreements for Client Selections and Change Orders to ConstructionOnline’s extensive library of Financial Reports. These two reporting options empower construction firms to easily create contracts specifically tailored for their subcontractors that enhance project efficiency, accountability, and profitability. 

Derived from the original Subcontractor Agreement found within ConstructionOnline’s Estimating Reports, the Selection Subcontractor Agreement and Change Order Subcontractor Agreement enable Company Users to create contracts from the material, labor, and additional line items associated with their ConstructionOnline Client Selections and Change Orders. Similar to the original Subcontractor Agreement, ConstructionOnline provides users with numerous customization options, allowing them to - 

  • Filter Selections by Vendor,
  • Filter Change Orders by Classification,
  • Choose what relevant Estimate columns to display,
  • Choose to include Item Descriptions and/or Item Images for further detail,
  • Select from three different Document Density options: Default, Comfortable, or Compressed,
  • Insert Default Text Blocks, 
  • Add custom-branded Headers & Footers, and more! 

These two reporting options complement ConstructionOnline’s growing suite of 150+ construction reports, each complete with the customization options needed to refine & display construction data in a professional manner. To learn more about ConstructionOnline’s Reporting—utilized by nearly one million construction pros worldwide—contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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