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ConstructionOnline's  TrueStar™ Database Benefits from Powerful Performance Upgrade

UDA ConstructionOnline | TrueStar™ Database Benefits from Powerful Performance Upgrade | Construction Management Software

UDA Technologies recently announced a substantial upgrade to the TrueStar™ Database. ConstructionOnline’s proprietary database engine, the TrueStar™ Database powers the #1 ranked construction management software by organizing and storing data with exceptional reliability and unparalleled performance. 

Benefits gained from upgrading ConstructionOnline’s TrueStar™ Database include:

  • Improved memory optimization
  • Enhanced security management & data tracking
  • Expanded support for larger data sets
  • Active performance monitoring
  • Streamlined processing of concurrent complex requests
  • Reduced buffering, and more. 

The ConstructionOnline user base continues to grow with nearly 1 million construction pros using the platform to manage larger & larger projects. This growth means more and more data entering into the system, and upgrades such as this most recent one verify the consistency and efficiency of database performance. 

Developed exclusively for ConstructionOnline, the TrueStar™ Database leverages the fastest processors in the cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide maximum speed and responsiveness, while ensuring minimal downtime. With global Availability Zones and multiple redundant servers in place, TrueStar™ gives construction pros around the world peace of mind, knowing that all data is securely stored, immediately available, and durably designed to withstand any challenge. 

As the #1 rated construction management software on the market today, ConstructionOnline’s  TrueStar™ Database demonstrates UDA’s commitment to providing the fastest, most reliable, and most secure software solutions for construction companies around the world. 


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