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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

ConstructionSuite 10 Upgrades Now Available for TotalCare Members

This week, initial upgrades for ConstructionSuite 10 were released for current UDA TotalCare Members. UDA Technologies recently announced the release of ConstructionSuite 10, the latest revolutionary upgrade to the award-winning construction software suite which has been the flagship product line for UDA Technologies for well over a decade. ConstructionSuite 10 introduces a brand-new interface and countless customization options, along with new features and powerful enhancements to long-trusted tools.

Upgrades are generally released in batches to eligible TotalCare Members. TotalCare is a subscription-based benefits package that provides subscribers additional service and support to extend the value of members’ investment in ConstructionSuite. TotalCare Benefits include access to updates & upgrades, unlimited priority phone support, personalized training opportunities, quarterly RS Means Costbook updates, remote assistance from certified specialists, and additional exclusive TotalCare features.

Topics: UDA Technologies UDA ConstructionSuite