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Create Construction Schedules in Minutes with New Options in ConstructionOnline

Create Project Schedules Directly from Construction Estimates in ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies is proud to announce a new update for ConstructionOnline that allows users to create project schedules directly from construction estimates. Construction scheduling is further streamlined with this new feature, which reduces manual entry, improves project continuity, and save time + money - all with a single click!

When creating a schedule from an estimate in ConstructionOnline, schedule tasks will be created for each and every Category, Subcategory, and Item within the estimate. Newly created tasks will maintain the name, description, and assigned resources from the estimate.

Let the world's fastest Gantt Chart Scheduling take it from there! Color code schedule tasks, update task details, and add sequential predecessor relationships for a dynamic schedule that will keep teams on task and bring jobs in under budget. 

To learn more about how ConstructionOnline can streamline your business, contact a UDA Product Consultant at 1.800.700.8321 today. 


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