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Customize ConstructionOnline Contracts with New Default Text Options

Create & save default blocks of text, making it easy to standardize construction contracts & forms.

New Default Text Options for ConstructionOnline Reports further streamline the report creation process by allowing Company Users to create & save custom text blocks, making it easy to standardize construction contracts & forms.

ConstructionOnline is known for having an extensive library of professional reports to accompany industry-leading estimating & project management tools, and New Default Text Options are available for multiple reports, including

  • Estimate Proposal

  • Simple Estimate Proposal

  • Current Contract Summary

  • Request for Quote (RFQ)

  • Purchase Order

  • Change Order Proposals – Detailed & Lump Sum

  • Change Order Contracts – Detailed, Lump Sum, & Fixed Fee

Blocks of default text can be inserted at the beginning or the end of these reports, so construction professionals worldwide can be sure that all terms, conditions, & additional details are included on contracts, documents, and reports generated in ConstructionOnline.

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