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Discover Better Connections with New Linked Schedule Tasks and To Dos

Intelligently Link Construction Schedule Tasks and Construction To Dos in UDA ConstructionOnline | Construction Scheduling Software | Construction Management Software

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the ability to link To Dos to OnPlan™ Schedule Tasks through brand-new SmartLink™ technology. Linking construction schedule tasks and to do list items is the first iteration of SmartLink™—an innovative feature set engineered to further integrate the industry-leading construction management software. 

For over 20 years, UDA Technologies has been dedicated to providing construction companies with the tools needed to streamline operations, increase profits, and reduce risks. With the ability to link OnPlan™ Schedule Tasks and To Dos, ConstructionOnline™ Users can quickly reference completion statuses, see what tasks are overdue, assign resources, and more. These benefits not only ensure that all of the pieces of construction project management stay connected, but save construction companies critical time, money, and resources. 

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