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Enhance Construction Project Management with File Attachments for Schedule Tasks

Improved File Management for Construction Schedule Tasks in the #1 Construction Project Management Software | UDA ConstructionOnline

Recent updates to ConstructionOnline’s online construction scheduling software—OnPlan™ Scheduling—include the ability to attach files to OnPlan Schedule Tasks. Similar to many other features across the industry’s #1 rated construction management platform, the new Attachments tab for Schedule Tasks allows users to attach files, photos, videos, and other relevant documents directly to their construction schedule tasks, providing a more comprehensive and organized approach to project management. 

With the addition of Attachments for OnPlan Schedule Tasks, construction pros who choose ConstructionOnline™ can ensure all necessary information, such as but not limited to blueprints, permits, photos, contracts, and more, are readily available within Schedule Tasks themselves—streamlining communication and improving efficiency on the jobsite. Files can be attached to Schedule Tasks by right-clicking on the desired task, selecting the “Edit Task” option, navigating to the Attachments tab, and uploading files via the user’s device, ConstructionOnline, or an integrated cloud storage account. 

With innovative enhancements like the ability to add file attachments to OnPlan Schedule Tasks, ConstructionOnline proves its commitment to providing game-changing solutions engineered to streamline project management for growing contractors. To learn more about why nearly one million construction pros trust ConstructionOnline for all of their construction scheduling needs, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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