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Enhanced Company Costbooks Streamline Construction Cost Management

UDA Technologies recently announced new enhanced management capabilities for custom Company Costbooks in ConstructionOnline. With new options for exporting company costbooks and options for importing updates to costbooks, users benefit from streamlined cost management. 

New export options available for ConstructionOnline Users include options for exporting existing Company Costbooks and downloading blank costbook templates. Both functions serve to support easier costbook formatting and updating by providing critical guidance for costbook structure and item organization. 

New import options available for ConstructionOnline Users include the option for importing updates to existing Company Costbooks. Enhanced import logic references the item's name, the parent item's name, and where the item lives in the costbooks' level of organization to ensure the accuracy of updates applied via import. This highly-anticipated function supports the powerful, streamlined cost updates ConstructionOnline's Items Database promises. 

Independently, the newly enhanced export & import options are impressive and deliver quite the benefit to ConstructionOnline Users, but when combined, users will be impressed to find the ability to quickly & easily export an existing costbook, modify as needed, and re-import to update items, costs, & other vital data. 

As the #1 construction management software for growing mid-market contractors worldwide, ConstructionOnline is home to the industry's only fully integrated online estimating & construction takeoff system with more than 750,000 users managing over $80 billion in construction projects every day. To learn more about ConstructionOnline's financial management, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1.800.700.8321. 


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