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Enhanced Schedule Editing Results in Efficiency Gains for Construction Project Managers

Bulk editing options for ConstructionOnline Schedule tasks improve speed, efficiency, and ease of schedule management

ConstructionOnline delivers the world’s fastest online construction scheduling, and the recent addition of multi-select & bulk editing options for schedule tasks improves speed, efficiency, and ease of construction schedule management. 

Since construction schedules can contain hundreds or thousands of individual tasks, the ability to apply bulk edits to multiple tasks at once delivers major results to the user. Using ConstructionOnline’s multi-select function, users can quickly & efficiently update task details, including - 

  • Task Completion and/or Percent Complete
  • Priority, Status, Type, & Trade
  • Assigned Resources
  • Cost Codes + Cost Impact
  • Color-Coding of Tasks 

The new editing options can also be used to bulk delete tasks within ConstructionOnline Schedules, which really streamlines project setup and initial scheduling when combined with ConstructionOnline’s exceptional Schedule Templates. 

With less time devoted to entering updates individually, regular management of project tasks becomes less of a hassle and construction schedules are better maintained overall, helping to bring jobs to completion on time and under budget.


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