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Harness the Power of Your Project Data with TrueVision™ Business Intelligence

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ConstructionOnline™ prides itself in being the only construction project management platform to offer cutting-edge business analytic tools alongside its industry-leading project management toolkit. By harnessing the power of project data entered into the platform, ConstructionOnline’s TrueVision™ Business Intelligence provides construction professionals with advanced insights essential for making informed and strategic business decisions efficiently and effectively. 

Companies with Business and Enterprise subscription levels will find a collection of dynamic features, actionable dashboards, and powerful reporting options in ConstructionOnline’s TrueVision Business Intelligence toolkit including - 

  • Work-in-Progress & Profitability Reports which provide real-time visibility on Project & Company financial health 
  • Multi-Project Scheduling which gives users the power to manage multiple schedules with Company Gantt Views, Cross-Project Predecessors, Milestone Timelines, and more
  • Cash Flow Reports which synchronize data between Project Estimates & Schedules to improve the management of company income & expenditures
  • ResourceTrak™ which defines & forecasts resource availability, optimal workloads, and potential conflicts for ultimate team efficiency 
  • TrueVision Project Scorecard which offers holistic, company-wide project performance monitoring with custom Project Health Score parameters and drill-in views available for dozens of categories 

With these offerings and more, ConstructionOnline stands out as the leading solution for growth-minded construction professionals across the industry. To learn more about TrueVision Business Intelligence, download ConstructionOnline’s ebook here, or contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist at 800.700.8321 to discuss how your business could benefit from ConstructionOnline. 


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