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Increase Efficiency with ConstructionOnline’s Integrated Scheduling and Estimating Options

Create Construction Schedules directly from Construction Estimates | Faster, Better, Easier Project Management | UDA ConstructionOnline™ | Construction Management Software

UDA recently added a new access point within ConstructionOnline’s OnCost™ Estimating that allows construction companies to create schedules directly from their estimates. Company Users will now find that, in addition to the option available in the Estimating Toolbar, the “Create Schedule from Estimate” option can also be engaged from their estimate’s three-dot action menu. This enhancement makes generating construction schedules from estimate data quicker and easier while saving valuable time and labor. 

ConstructionOnline seamlessly integrates the world’s fastest construction scheduling software with the most comprehensive construction estimating software on the market to provide users with cutting-edge software solutions for next-level project management. With innovative options like the ability to launch Gantt Chart construction schedules from detailed construction estimates, construction companies can intuitively connect their data to further enhance both their project management and job cost capabilities. Additionally, with this connection in place, construction companies can harness the power of ConstructionOnline’s TrueVision™ Intelligence to generate in-depth Cash Flow Reports that can predict and analyze income and expenditures over time. 

UDA is proud to provide the only all-in-one construction project management platform engineered for total performance within all segments of the construction industry. To learn more about why ConstructionOnline is the #1 choice for growing contractors worldwide, contact a Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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