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Introducing Custom Autodoc™ Fields: ConstructionOnline’s Solution for Enhanced Project Communication

UDA is excited to announce the release of Custom Autodoc™ Fields—a visual styling and branding update to what was previously known as “Variable Controls” within ConstructionOnline’s next-generation reminder settings. 

Currently available within ConstructionOnline’s Permit Tracking, Insurance & Certificate Tracking, and Requests for Information (RFIs) tools, Custom Autodoc Fields allow users to quickly populate reminder email templates with appropriate contact, project, and feature information, expanding the utility of the email. Upon being sent, Custom Autodoc Fields are automatically replaced with the specific information for the email recipient, the project at hand, and/or the feature information depending on the fields selected. While the same functionality remains in place, the rebranding of Custom Autodoc Fields improves the user experience by making it easier to locate, manage, and customize reminder settings across various tools in ConstructionOnline. 

Company Users can access Custom Autodoc Fields within the updated reminder settings for Permit Tracking, Insurance & Certificate Tracking, and RFIs by locating the orange icon on the email template editing toolbar. To learn more about Custom Autodoc Fields and the additional ways ConstructionOnline is revolutionizing project communication and organization, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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