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Introducing New TrueVision™ Profit Report for ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies announced today the release of the TrueVision™ Profit Report for ConstructionOnline™. The TrueVision™ Profit Report joins the industry's leading system for fully integrated construction financial management to provide powerful business intelligence insights that drive the success of growing construction companies worldwide. 

Unique to ConstructionOnline™, the TrueVision™ Profit Report provides a detailed breakdown of a company's financial health by automatically calculating profit percentages and compiling Work-in-Progress (WIP) financial data. By utilizing data that's already available in the system, such as Original Contract Price, Current Contract Price, Actuals to Date, Adjustments, & more, the TrueVision™ Profit Report makes it quick & easy to generate high-level financial health reports at any time. 

Users can filter the TrueVision™ Profit Report by a variety of fields in ConstructionOnline™ - including but not limited to Project, Project Type, Group, Stage, Category, Office, Division, Region, Project Value, and Date Range. Filters can be applied in a compound manner to deliver exactly the information needed to best assess company financial success. 

With more than 50 data points included per TrueVision™ Profit Report, construction companies using ConstructionOnline™ will be empowered to make better business decisions by applying available business intelligence data, including - 

  •  Estimate Gross Profit
  •  Actual Gross Profit
  •  Earned Gross Profit
  •  Remaining Job Cost Budget
  •  Remaining Contract Value
  •  Predicated Cost to Complete
  •  Total Invoiced to Date, and more. 

TrueVision™ Profit Reports are available in all current Business level subscriptions to ConstructionOnline™. To learn more about ConstructionOnline's powerful business intelligence tools, contact a UDA Product Consultant at 1.800.700.8321.


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