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Make Estimating & Job Costing More Efficient with New Quantity Multipliers for OnCost™ Estimating

Quantity Multipliers Now Available | Construction Estimating Software | UDA ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the release of new Quantity Multipliers available across all Multi-Family product plans and Residential, Commercial, Specialty, and Industrial plans at the Enterprise level. Users now have the powerful ability to multiply their OnCost™ Estimate data by a customizable quantity applied at the Category, Subcatroy, or Item level.

ConstructionOnline’s Multi-Family product line, debuted at the end of 2022, provides specialized tools for multi-family construction companies building apartment complexes, condos, hotels, townhomes, and more. Serving as a differentiator among ConstructionOnline’s product lines, the new Quantity Multiplier feature makes it easy for multi-family construction pros to build out estimate data that can then be multiplied by the number of rooms, units, levels, buildings, etc. being worked on. With endless options for application, this new tool streamlines manual data entry, improves cost management, and offers multi-family construction companies a faster, easier way to create & manage estimates overall. 

Committed to providing cutting-edge software solutions for growing contractors across the world, ConstructionOnline™ continues to enhance its platform with tools like the Quantity Multiplier so that users are empowered to streamline not only their construction estimating processes, but their overall project management. To learn more about why ConstructionOnline™ is trusted by more than 900,000 construction professionals managing $90 billion in projects every day, contact UDA at 1.800.700.8321.


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