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Include Construction Team Contacts when Duplicating Opportunities in ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies recently announced the added ability to include Project Teams when duplicating an existing Opportunity within ConstructionOnline™. While ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Users are restricted from Project Teams within Opportunities, the ability to include Company User Contacts—and their respective permissions—when duplicating Opportunities offers construction companies more control over their CRM and Sales Management processes. 

As the industry-leading construction management software, ConstructionOnline™ recognizes the importance of offering flexible, repeatable processes for managing future project opportunities. By continuing to improve the options available to construction companies when replicating the Opportunities that are standardized, repetitive, or similar in scope, ConstructionOnline™ demonstrates its commitment to providing breakthrough software solutions engineered to streamline project management for growing contractors. 

Nearly one million construction pros managing over $90 billion in construction projects trust ConstructionOnline’s integrated CRM and Sales tools to organize and prioritize future jobs. With accurate estimating, takeoff integration, selections, reporting, and more, it’s clear why ConstructionOnline™ is the #1 choice for growing contractors who want to close more deals. To learn more about how ConstructionOnline™ can assist your growing business, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1.800.700.8321.


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