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New Change Order Duplication Streamlines Management of Project Financials

What's New for ConstructionOnline™ 2022 | Duplicate Construction Change Orders

ConstructionOnline™ Company Users can now duplicate Change Orders on Company Projects. With more than 2 decades leading the construction software industry, ConstructionOnline™ knows that effective management of Change Orders is critical to project profitability, and by introducing the option to “Duplicate” Change Orders, ConstructionOnline™ offers a faster, easier way to create & manage construction Change Orders.

Change Orders can be duplicated to the same Project as the original Change Order, or a different Company Project can be selected as the destination for the duplicated Change Order. By default, duplicated Change Orders are named “Copy of Original Change Order Name,” but can be edited during duplication - or at a later time.

Additionally, when choosing to “Duplicate” a Change Order in ConstructionOnline™, the Company User can choose whether to keep or clear fields for -

  • Due Date
  • Assigned Resources
  • Markup & Pricing Data
  • Attachments
Click here for step-by-step instructions: How to Duplicate a Change Order.

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