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ConstructionOnline Newsroom

New ConstructionSuite 10 Showcased in Special Webinar Series

To coincide with the recent release of ConstructionSuite 10, UDA Technologies announced a special webinar series to introduce construction professionals to the next generation of project management software: Introducing New ConstructionSuite 10 – Supercharge Your Success.

The four-part webinar series, which will debut Thursday, January 10, will showcase how UDA ConstructionSuite 10 enables growing construction companies to seamlessly manage a successful business, from initial acquisition of a lead to close of completed jobs. This series will also highlight the powerful performance of ConstructionSuite 10 with Microsoft Surface & Amazon Web Services, a particularly impressive set of upgrades in ConstructionSuite 10. 

To view the complete series schedule and register to attend, check out the UDA Events Page or contact a representative at 1-800-700-8321 to learn more.

Topics: UDA Technologies UDA ConstructionSuite