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New Display Options Available for Gantt Chart Schedules in ConstructionOnline™

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ConstructionOnline™ delivers powerful, advanced Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling to nearly one million construction professionals around the world. New display options for the industry-leading Gantt Chart tools promise to improve system effectiveness and construction schedule management. 

Within available Schedule View Options, Company Users can now Show Task Resource Names in the Gantt Chart and/or Show Cost Impact in the Gantt Chart. These recently released options join other available Schedule View Options previously released, including Show Task Names in the Gantt Chart, Enable Automatic Predecessors, Uniform Trades for Schedule Groups, and Condensed View. 

Printed Schedules will also reflect the selected view options. For instance, enabling the option to Show Task Resource Names in the Gantt Chart will also populate the Resource Names to the printed Schedule. 

Unmatched in speed & performance, OnPlan™ Scheduling for UDA ConstructionOnline has proven to be a powerhouse in the world of construction schedule management software. With advanced features like Baseline Analysis, Task Dependencies, Schedule Delays, ResourceTrak, Multi-Project Scheduling, and more, the capabilities of ConstructionOnline’s OnPlan™ Scheduling extend well-beyond other competitive solutions on the market today. To learn more about the industry’s fastest online construction scheduling, contact a UDA Product Expert at 800.700.8321. 


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