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New Enhancements Now Available for OnPoint™ Proposals

New Updates Now Available for the #1 Proposal Generator, Delivering Custom, Professional Construction Estimate Proposals

ConstructionOnline™ recently announced new formatting, styling, & usability enhancements to Proposals generated from the OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard. This latest round of improvements increases the ease of use of the Report Wizard as well as the quality of the professional reports generated from ConstructionOnline™

OnPoint™ Proposals now feature updated formatting for Category, Subcategory, & Item Descriptions with new placement on the document and extra padding to improve readability. Users also have expanded styling settings including options for customizing Subcategory Totals & Item Names, indent Subcategory rows, and extend the border under Subcategory Row Text. 

To increase the intuitiveness and usability of the Report Wizard, ConstructionOnline™ also added a Restore Defaults button with this latest update. The Restore Defaults button, which can be found in the left hand corner of the modal, appears after changing any option other than choosing the Estimate, Estimate Detail Selection, or Selection Detail Selector. Selecting the button restores the current report being generated to the wizard’s default options.

ConstructionOnline™ is well-known for providing an impressive library of customizable Financial Reports designed to ensure quick & easy generation of professional documents at any point during a project’s life cycle. Contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 1.800.700.8321 to request additional information about the OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard & Company Reporting in ConstructionOnline™.


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