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New Estimate Unit Report Join ConstructionOnline’s Extensive Library of Financial Reports

What's New for ConstructionOnline™ 2022 | Estimate Unit Report

ConstructionOnline™ recently announced the addition of the new Estimate Unit Report, which compiles a summary displaying Quantity and Cost Totals for Estimate Units included within a selected construction project estimate. With a variety of options & filters available, the Estimate Unit Report offers succinct, professional documentation that can be easily shared, saved, printed, or downloaded.

By default, the Estimate Unit Report will include “All” Item Units applied within the selected Project Estimate, along with corresponding columns & values for each units’ Quantity, Adjusted Quantity, Unit Cost, Base Cost, and Adjusted Cost , and the creator can select/deselect which columns & values to include at the time of report creation. Furthermore, the Estimate Unit Report can be filtered by an individual Item Unit, in the instance that the creator would like for the report to focus on a specific unit of measurement, i.e. “Man Hours.”

The Estimate Unit Report joins other Financial Reports available in ConstructionOnline™ including, but not limited to:

  • Current Contract Summary: Summary of Project Estimate, including Categories, Subcategories, Markup, and more. 
  • Materials List: Compilation of Project Materials filtered by Assigned Resource or Estimate Category. 
  • Over Budget Report: Summary of all sections of the Project Estimate where the Actual Costs exceed the Estimated Costs.
  • Classification Report: Presents a breakdown of Estimate Items by designated Classification Type.

To learn more about ConstructionOnline™ Financial Reporting, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 800.700.8321.


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