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New Geolocation Settings Boosts ConstructionOnline Time Tracking

ConstructionOnline Mobile now provides intelligent Geolocation technologies to trigger notifications based on jobsite proximity.

Advanced Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline™ 2020 now includes intelligent Geolocation Settings, introducing automatic clock-in/out notifications based on the users’ proximity to assigned jobsites. ConstructionOnline™ Geofencing ensures employees are accurately documenting shifts and streamlines access to projects through ConstructionOnline™ Mobile.

Project Location Geofencing can be easily enabled in ConstructionOnline Mobile’s App Settings, where users can customize applied radius preferences and tracking schedules.

  • Set Geofence Radius to determine the distance at which notifications are triggered
  • Set Nearby Radius to define the distance at which to include “Nearby Projects”
  • Set Geofencing Schedule to limit location tracking to preferred days/times.

Advanced Time Tracking has proven to be one of the most-popular features released for ConstructionOnline™ 2020, and UDA Technologies continues to innovate upgraded options to enhance Time Tracking capabilities for ConstructionOnline™ and ConstructionOnline™ Mobile.  

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