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New Reporting Option Offers Better Project Financial Insight

UDA ConstructionOnline Introduces Significant Updates for Estimate v Actuals Report | Construction Financial Reporting | Construction Estimating Software | Construction Management Software

In response to highly-valued customer feedback, ConstructionOnline™ has added the ability to “Include Items with Zero Adjusted Cost” on the Estimate vs. Actual Report. This update offers construction companies greater flexibility and insight into their project finances by allowing them to display estimate items with no adjusted costs on their Estimate vs. Actual Reports to determine if they billed for items that were not originally in the estimate. 

The option to “Include Items with Zero Adjusted Cost” can be found under the Report Options section of the Estimate vs. Actual window and is not selected by default. The Estimate vs. Actual Report is housed under ConstructionOnline’s Financial Reports alongside other popular report options like the Estimate vs. Invoiced Report, the Committed vs. Actual Report, the Over Budget Report, and various TrueVision™ Profitability, WIP, and Cash Flow Reports. 

Designed to give construction companies a clear, comprehensive picture of project performance and budgeting, ConstructionOnline’s Financial Reporting options are designed to empower companies to maintain profitable projects and make more informed financial decisions. To learn more about ConstructionOnline’s Financial Reporting options, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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