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New 'Revert to Pending' Option Introduced for Dynamic Online Change Orders

New 'Revert to Pending' Option Added for Online Construction Change Orders

UDA Technologies recently announced the addition of a new “Revert to Pending” option, expanding the flexibility of ConstructionOnline’s industry-leading Change Order Management.

With the new “Revert to Pending” option for Change Orders in ConstructionOnline, Company Employees are able to overwrite an already documented response of Approved or Rejected on a Change Order to place the Change Order back in a pending status. When a Change Order is reverted, it is re-opened for additional review and/or adjustment. Associated pricing data is removed from the Project Estimate and the Added Cost & Time Summary, since these calculations only reference Approved Change Orders.

The option to “Revert to Pending” is only available once a Change Order has been marked Approved or Rejected, and can only be applied by Company Employees with full Change Order Management Permissions.

To learn more about Change Order Management in ConstructionOnline™ and other ways to protect profits, reduce risk, & improve communication, contact UDA Technologies at 1-800-700-8321.


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