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New Time Tracking Now Available for ConstructionOnline + ConstructionOnline Mobile™

COL Mobile Update

This week, UDA Technologies announced the release of New Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 – a much-anticipated upgrade which introduces an advanced set of new features, including -

  • Administrator Dashboards & Console
  • Geo-Mapping of Employee Clock In/Out locations
  • Time Sheet Reporting & Exports
  • Direct Integration with ConstructionOnline Mobile

Newly released Time Tracking features are built on the foundation of UDA Time Clock, which was previously available exclusively via ConstructionOnline Mobile™. The expansion of Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 proves UDA’s commitment to client satisfaction by delivering one of the most requested new features to ConstructionOnline’s current user base of more than 650,000 construction professionals.

Get a first look at New Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 here.

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