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New Ways to Stay Up-to-Date on UDA's Latest News

UDA Technologies is excited to offer new ways for users to stay up-to-date on Latest News & Updates direct from the industry-leading construction software company. With the addition of 2 convenient new access points, ConstructionOnline™ Company Users are now able to see the most recent Latest News & Updates from UDA on the ConstructionOnline™ login page and directly in ConstructionOnline™ via the brand-new Latest News & Updates notification menu. 

When visiting the ConstructionOnline™ login page, users will see the 4 most recently published Latest News articles available below the primary login widget. Clicking on any available article will open the related news post from ConstructionOnline’s Latest News webpage.

Once logged into ConstructionOnline, users can access the 10 most recently published Latest News articles from the brand-new right-sidebar menu represented by the bell (🔔) icon in ConstructionOnline’s top navigation bar next to the logged-in user’s avatar icon. The bell (🔔) icon will be tagged with a red notification flag whenever new posts are available. Clicking on any listed article will open the related news post from ConstructionOnline’s Latest News webpage, and users can access a library of all previously published posts by clicking the “See All Latest News” button at the bottom of the Latest News & Updates menu in ConstructionOnline™. 

Well-known for having a client-centric approach to product development, UDA Technologies continues to advance their cutting-edge construction project management software solutions with regular updates, enhancements, & new features - building on a foundation of over 600 system enhancements in 2021. In an effort to keep current users & potential clients up-to-date about the release of specific new features & program updates, Latest News & Updates from UDA Technologies are sent out weekly via email subscription. New posts are also regularly available on ConstructionOnline’s Latest News webpage, as well as UDA’s social pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the company is excited to offer the new in-product options to make these updates even more accessible to those actively engaged with ConstructionOnline on a regular basis. 


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