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Resource Round-Up: New Articles & Updates Published to the CO™ Knowledge Base

Resource Round-Up | New articles & support resources added to CO™ Knowledge Base | Construction Management Software | Education & Training

With the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base, UDA Technologies proudly offers a comprehensive library of over 1,000 help articles & user guides, expertly crafted to support the success of construction pros using the award-winning construction management software.

New & Updated Articles:

  • Create a Combined Log Report
    Automatically generate a comprehensive report summarizing all daily log information for ConstructionOnline projects.
  • Create a Work Log Report
    Easily build & share a professional report detailing the work being completed on construction projects including who worked onsite, number of hours worked, number of workers who showed, and more.
  • Create a Materials Log Report
    Generate a professional report detailing the materials used for a Project, including the total quantities, costs, attachments, and more.
  • Create an Equipment Log Report
    Instantly generate a comprehensive report detailing all equipment rental & usage information.
  • Create an Observed Weather Report
    Generate a comprehensive report of any weather-related project delays with ConstructionOnline's Observed Weather Report.
  • Create a Project Notes Report
    Compile all of the documented, date-stamped Notes related to construction projects into one professional report.
  • Create a Visitor Log Report
    Automatically generate a comprehensive report of any guest visits to project job sites with ConstructionOnline's Daily Logging reports.
  • Create a Delivery Log Report
    Show the details related to construction jobsites deliveries with ConstructionOnline's customizable Delivery Log Report.
  • Create a Safety Log Report
    Generate a professional report detailing any safety violations, accidents, warnings, and meetings that occur on your construction projects.
  • Create a Custom Delay Report
    Compile all general project delay information into one professional, print-ready report with ConstructionOnline's Custom Delay Report.
  • Create a Material Totals Report
    Generate a comprehensive report of the total material costs for a Project within a specific date range.
  • FAQ: Daily Logs
    Frequently asked questions about construction daily logs in ConstructionOnline


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