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Safety Logs Now Available in ConstructionOnline Mobile Daily Logging

Safety Logs Now Available in ConstructionOnline Mobile

A recent update to ConstructionOnline Mobile on both the Android & Apple markets has delivered the new & very popular Safety Log feature to Daily Logging in CO Mobile. Users will find Safety Logs are now available alongside 8 additional log types, including Work Logs, Equipment Logs, Material Logs, Project Notes, Observed Weather, Visitor Logs, Delivery Logs, and Delay Logs. 

ConstructionOnline’s Safety Log provides an easy, convenient method for documenting & tracking Jobsite Accidents, Safety Violations, Safety Warnings, Safety Meetings, and Compliance Training. This type of documentation is in highest demand directly on the jobsite, and the addition of the Safety Log to ConstructionOnline Mobile ensures on-demand access to immediately up-to-date information by all team members. 

As industry experts for more than 20 years, ConstructionOnline recognizes the importance of site safety at all times and continues to deliver intelligent solutions to meet the needs of growing residential, commercial, and specialty contractors around the world. 

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