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Construction Schedule Summary Report Enhanced to Include Cost Impact

Construction Schedule Report Enhanced to Include Cost Impact | UDA ConstructionOnline | Construction Reporting Software | Construction Scheduling Software | Construction Job Costing Software | Construction Project Management Software

UDA recently released a new customization option for Schedule Summary Reports generated from ConstructionOnline: the ability to “Include Cost Impact.” This update offers construction companies better insight into their project financials by allowing them to include cost impact information alongside schedule task and status details. 

ConstructionOnline’s Schedule Summary Report allows users to generate a professionally-branded report showing schedule tasks and statuses within a specific range, with the option to filter by resource, trade, or task type. With the ability to tailor the report to be as comprehensive or detailed as necessary, insert custom Header & Footer sets, and, now, include cost data, construction companies who choose ConstructionOnline are equipped with the tools necessary to create highly informative reports that cater to their specific project management needs.

Well-known for delivering the industry’s most powerful, advanced construction scheduling tool, ConstructionOnline’s OnPlan™ Scheduling is engineered to better the management of construction schedules in every aspect. With features like Baseline Analysis, Schedule Delays, ResourceTrak™, Multi-Project Scheduling, and more, it’s clear why nearly one million construction professionals around the world choose ConstructionOnline for their schedule management. To learn more about managing construction project schedules with ConstructionOnline, contact a Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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