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Schedule Views Benefit from Intuitive Updates

Gantt Chart Scheduling Updated with New ASAP Column and Option to Hide Completed Tasks

UDA Technologies recently announced the release of two intuitive updates to available views for ConstructionOnline Scheduling, the industry’s fastest online Gantt Chart Scheduling system since 2013. Newly introduced options will allow for users to easily hide completed tasks and view/manage tasks’ ASAP status.The option to “Hide Completed Tasks” allows for the ConstructionOnline Gantt and List Views for Scheduling to present more focused information by hiding all tasks that have been marked as “Completed” and only displaying tasks that are still outstanding or incomplete. Users can activate the “Hide Completed Tasks” option within the Schedule View Options Menu.

Additionally, a new column has been added to the Gantt and List Views for ConstructionOnline Schedules which references the ASAP status of individual tasks. The new column is denoted by a lightning bolt icon in the Column Headers section of the Schedule. Users will find that the ASAP status for an individual task can be toggled on/off by clicking into the ASAP column for that particular task. A lightning bolt will display in the column when the task has been marked as ASAP; the column will display empty when the task has not been marked ASAP.

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