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See Job Costs More Clearly with ConstructionOnline's Updated Export for Work Logs

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ConstructionOnline™ recently updated how Cost Codes display in the Hours from Work Logs Excel Export available for construction Daily Logs. Introduced in early 2022, the addition of Cost Code data to the Hours from Work Logs Excel Export allows construction pros to clearly see their job costs in comparison to the total hours worked for each Contact assigned to their Work Logs. 

With the latest updates to ConstructionOnline, Cost Codes displayed in the Excel Export will now include the complete Cost Code—including any portion that is part of the organizational hierarchy—to further optimize the visibility and traceability of Codes being assigned across the platform. This means that Cost Codes displayed in the Excel Export will now always include the coded portion of any Category and Subcategory to which they belong, if applicable.

For example, if a Work Log is assigned a NAHB Cost Code of 1000 Preparation Preliminaries > 1010 Building Permits, then the Cost Code is listed on the Excel document as “1000-1010 Building Permits” to reflect the Cost Code Category (1000) and Subcategory (1010). 

The Hours from Work Logs Excel Export pulls from one of ConstructionOnline’s most utilized data panels: the Hours from Work Logs dashboard. This dashboard automatically calculates and displays the total work hours for every contact assigned to Work Logs within a ConstructionOnline Project for full data transparency. The Hours from Work Logs dashboard—and the ability to export its information alongside relevant Work Log, Resource, and Cost Code details—is one reason nearly one million construction pros choose to store and manage their daily logs in ConstructionOnline. 

To learn more about how ConstructionOnline’s Daily Logs can enhance your company’s ability to compile & analyze project data, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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