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Signatures Now Available for Punch Lists in ConstructionOnline™


UDA Technologies is excited to announce the latest feature for powerful Punch List Management in ConstructionOnline™ 2019 – digital signatures. Company Employees now have the option to add signatures to Punch Lists and to include signatures on Punch List Reports. 

The ability to Add Signatures to Punch Lists in ConstructionOnline™ furthers the power of ConstructionOnline™ as an industry powerhouse in the areas of Punch List Management and Project Tracking. Complete with Time & Date Stamps, signatures help to better track who completed Punch List Items and when, emphasizing accountability across project teams.

Signatures may be entered manually at each signing, or Company Employees can save a signature in their Profile Settings to serve as the default signature on the account. Default signatures can be easily applied to any Punch List in ConstructionOnline™ by using the “Import Signature” option at time of signing.

ConstructionOnline™ continues to be a recognized innovator of cloud-based construction software and mobile accessibility, making ConstructionOnline™ Punch List Management seamless, functional, and incredibly easy to implement at any construction company around the world.

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