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Socket™ Update Now Available (Version 1.0.42)

Now Available: Version 1.0.42 - Socket™ for ConstructionOnline™ | Download the update today

An update was released for Socket™, UDA’s innovative Windows desktop helper app for ConstructionOnline™ which enables powerful integration between ConstructionOnline™ and desktop programs like QuickBooks and PlanSwift.

Updates included in Version 1.0.42:

  • When importing bills from QuickBooks to ConstructionOnline, added query to find the Category/Subcategory/Item referenced for allocation of imported “Actuals,” as opposed to only the Category/Subcategory.
  • Updated Scheduled Value calculations on the Application for Payment to always include appropriate tax values.
  • Updated system logic to populate Application for Payment entries in the same order as they are presented on the Estimate.
  • When creating Estimates and Invoices in QuickBooks, calculations have been updated to always include taxes for Items.
  • Updated logic applied when importing Invoices with Retainage to properly sort lines containing “Less Retainage” into the “Unclassified” section.
  • Updated logic applied when importing Invoices for Retainage to properly consistently pull Retainage values and sort “Retainage Received” lines.

To get started with ConstructionOnline’s industry-leading integrations powered by Socket™ - download today or contact UDA Technologies at 800-700-8321 to learn more. 


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