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New Status Controls Go Live for ConstructionOnline Opportunities

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UDA recently announced the addition of Status controls for ConstructionOnline™ Opportunities—a dynamic tool within the industry’s leading construction sales management toolkit. ConstructionOnline Users creating or editing Opportunities can now set the Status of the Opportunity to “Live” or “Pending”. Mirroring the behavior of ConstructionOnline Project Statuses, Opportunities set to a “Pending” Status result in Opportunity Activity notifications being disabled, and Opportunities set to a “Live” Status will result in Opportunity Activity notifications enabled. These new controls enhance the level of control construction companies have when managing their potential new projects within ConstructionOnline. 

As an all-in-one platform, ConstructionOnline takes pride in offering software solutions critical to managing construction projects throughout their entire life-cycle, from sales to project closeout. Accompanying ConstructionOnline’s Lead Tracking in the Sales Management feature set, ConstructionOnline Opportunities allow for thorough documentation of initial project details, the creation of project estimates & proposals, the upload of plan sets, and the organization of pre-construction files & photos. Once the project has been won, the Opportunity can be quickly & easily converted into a ConstructionOnline Project—all of its valuable data converted with it.

All current ConstructionOnline subscriptions provide access to ConstructionOnline’s CRM & Sales Tools, including unlimited Leads, Opportunities, and Opportunity Estimates. To learn more about managing your future construction projects with ConstructionOnline, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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