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New and Improved ConstructionOnline™ Mobile App Introduces Powerful Portable Upgrades

The mobile companion to UDA’s #1 top-rated construction management software, ConstructionOnline™ Mobile is the portable project management solution for on-the-go construction professionals. Updated for ConstructionOnline™ 2020, new features for ConstructionOnline™ Mobile include:

  • New Envoy Chat
  • Advanced Time Tracking
  • Upgraded File & Photo Management – and more!

ConstructionOnline™ Mobile provides access to all of ConstructionOnline's powerful project management features in a single, easy-to-use mobile application, empowering communication and collaboration from the office to the field and anywhere in between.  

The newest version of ConstructionOnline™ Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices. To learn more, see the New & Improved ConstructionOnline™ Mobile App here:

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