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Streamline Change Order Management with Default Change Order Markup Settings

Default Settings for Change Order Markup and Fees Added to ConstructionOnline's Tools for Construction Change Order Management

ConstructionOnline’s recent addition to their industry-leading Change Order feature includes the ability to set Default Markup for Change Orders—an intuitive software solution designed to increase the efficiency of construction pros’ Change Order Management. This new Settings option, exclusively available for Detailed Change Orders, defines the markup calculation to be applied by default to Change Order Line Items in ConstructionOnline™.

Within the Change Order Markup Settings modal, Users can choose between two markup calculation methods:

  • Universal Markup Percentage, which applies the same markup percentage to all Line Items, regardless of their Classifications, or
  • Classification-Based Markup Percentage, which applies different markup percentages to Line Items based on their Classifications.

Users can also elect to include a per-Change Order fee which automatically applies a fee in the designated currency to any new Change Order created in ConstructionOnline™. These Markup Settings can be accessed within Account Settings > Financial Settings > Change Order Markup or by clicking the gray three-dot Actions Menu within the Change Order feature and selecting Change Order Markup from the dropdown menu. 

ConstructionOnline™ is trusted by more than 850,000 construction pros in over 75 countries worldwide who rely on the award-winning construction project management system to streamline the management of more than $90 billion in construction jobs every day. To learn more about ConstructionOnline’s industry-leading Change Order management, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321


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