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Streamline Construction Reporting with New Duplication Option for Default Text Blocks

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UDA is excited to announce the added ability for Company Users to duplicate Default Text Blocks within ConstructionOnline Reports. Engineered to streamline report creation, Default Text Options allow Company Users to create and save custom text blocks so that companies can easily standardize their construction contracts and forms.

Default Text Blocks are most commonly used to ensure all terms, conditions, and additional details are included at the beginning or end of the contracts, documents, and reports they generate from ConstructionOnline. Company Users can manage Default Text Blocks from within any ConstructionOnline Report that has Default Text Block Options available. To further streamline the creation and management of the Default Text used in reports, users can now quickly duplicate text blocks by right-clicking on the desired text block and selecting “Duplicate” from the dropdown menu. 

With features like Default Text Blocks, Dynamic Headers and Footers, optional Signature Lines, Custom-Branding Options, powerful Report Wizards, and more, it’s clear why nearly one million construction pros trust ConstructionOnline for their Company Reporting needs. To learn more about the 150+ types of professional, print-ready reports available in ConstructionOnline, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 800.700.8321.


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