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Streamline Organization & Communication with New Internal Notes for Client Selections

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Recent updates to UDA’s award-winning construction management platform, ConstructionOnline™, offer improved management of cloud-based selection sheets for construction companies. ConstructionOnline Company Users will now find a brand-new “Internal Notes” field within the Selection Choice level of their Client Selections. 

As a part of ConstructionOnline’s integrated construction management toolkit, construction companies are provided powerful tools to create selection sheets—known in ConstructionOnline as Client Selections—that are engineered to contain & organize all of the details related to the fixtures and finishes options/upgrades they offer. Client Selections are organized into three tiers: Category, Selection, and Selection Choice—with Selection Choice being the most granular level of organization and the level of “Approval”. Selection Choices store essential selection information such as Vendor(s); Model Number, UPC, and SKU fields; Markup & Price data; Order/Delivery Status information; and now, with ConstructionOnline’s latest update, store Internal Notes.

Only visible to ConstructionOnline Company Administrators and Employees, the Internal Notes field was designed to provide a space for internal team members to add additional information, context, or instructions related to the selections process within the Selection Choice itself. The field can be found as a sub-tab within the Details tab where any data input is safely stored right alongside other selection sheet information. 

ConstructionOnline’s Client Selections tool is known for streamlining the critical organization and communication needed to manage construction selection sheets successfully. To learn more about ConstructionOnline’s award-winning tools for managing construction selection sheets, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist at 800.700.8321.


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