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Streamline Project Management with "Favorites" for Online Templates

What's New for ConstructionOnline™ 2022 | Favorites for Project, Estimate, and Schedule Templates

UDA Technologies recently introduced new options to ConstructionOnline™ which allow Company Users to mark “Favorite” Templates for Projects, Estimates, and Schedules. The flexible, robust nature of Company Templates is integral to how ConstructionOnline™ works to help teams maximize efficiency, improve accuracy, and streamline operations, and the addition of “Favorite” Templates is a smart, user-friendly enhancement.

Templates marked as “Favorites” appear at the top of Company Template Lists for Projects, Estimates, and Schedules and are the first options listed in dropdown select menus when users choose to Create a Project, Estimate, or Schedule from a Template. Each Company User is able to independently set their own “Favorite” Templates, so as to provide users with the quick reference that best fits their role. By bringing the user’s most-preferred templates to the forefront of all template access points, ConstructionOnline™ enhances visibility and delivers faster, easier access to the content construction pros need when they need it.

Company Templates for Projects, Estimates, and Schedules can be saved from existing Projects, Estimates, or Schedules in ConstructionOnline, or alternatively, templates can be uploaded or built from scratch. All current subscriptions to ConstructionOnline™ include tools for collaboratively managing Company Templates.

To learn more about Company Templates and other best practices for maximizing ConstructionOnline™ ROI within your company, contact a UDA Product Specialist via live chat, email, or phone.


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