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The World’s Fastest Construction Scheduling Platform Just Got Even Faster

Recent updates to ConstructionOnline™ include the ability to assign multiple Resources to a Schedule Task in the world’s fastest construction scheduling tool—OnPlan™ Scheduling. This update enhances the platform’s flexibility and accuracy in construction scheduling to reflect the complex, evolving nature of modern construction projects.

ConstructionOnline Company Users can assign multiple Resources to OnPlan Schedule Tasks by right-clicking on the desired task and selecting the “Assign Resources” option from the dropdown menu. This will open the “Assign Resource” window where users can choose to assign one or multiple Resources by marking the checkbox next to the desired Resource Name. Company Users can also click on any name under the Resource List to view that Resource's availability and any current or upcoming activities they have, providing valuable insights for effective resource management

With the ability to assign multiple Resources to a Schedule Task within a few clicks, ConstructionOnline continues to demonstrate its dedication to streamlining resource allocation and reducing the time spent managing construction schedules. To learn more about how ConstructionOnline can simplify your construction project management, contact a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist today at 800.700.8321.


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