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Track Projected v. Actual Man-Hours for Construction Project Tasks

UDA ConstructionOnline | What's New for 2022 - Tracking Man-Hours in OnPlan™ Scheduling

Well-known for delivering the industry's fastest & most powerful online construction Scheduling, UDA ConstructionOnline™ recently announced the addition of new data fields for project Schedules, further expanding options for effective task & resource management. 

New man-hour fields now available for OnPlan™ Scheduling in ConstructionOnline™ 2022:

  • Projected Man-Hours: Labor hours estimated for completion of individual schedule tasks
  • Actual Man-Hours: Labor hours counted for completion of individual schedule tasks
  • Remaining Man-Hours: Calculated difference between values entered for Projected Man-Hours and Actual Man-Hours

ConstructionOnline™ Company Users can access the new fields for tracking man-hours within individual Task Details in OnPlan™ Scheduling, as well as on the Schedule List View. 

Options for tracking man-hours within OnPlan™ Scheduling join a host of other updates and enhancements recently announced for ConstructionOnline™ 2022. Learn more about what's new for 2022 here. 


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