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UDA To Feature New Redline Takeoff in Special Webinar Presentation

Discover the easiest way to get takeoffs from your construction plans in the cloud with new Redline Takeoff from UDA Technologies

UDA Technologies will feature recently-released Redline Takeoff in a special webinar Thursday, February 27 at 4:00 pm EST, inviting construction professionals worldwide to discover the revolutionary new way to create takeoffs in the cloud.

Built on the innovative technology of UDA’s industry-leading Redline Planroom, new Redline Takeoff software gives users the power to easily develop accurate dimensions and quantities from online plans. Register here to attend UDA’s First Look Webinar: Introducing New Redline Takeoff! UDA Product Specialists will demonstrate how users can apply the innovative tools of Redline Takeoff to -

  • Create cloud-based takeoffs from Redline Plans
  • Organize measurements + quantities with groups and layers
  • Create professional reports and export dimensions to Microsoft Excel

Redline Takeoff is available as an add-on subscription to ConstructionOnline and Redline Planroom accounts. To learn more about new Redline Takeoff, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1.800.700.8321.

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