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Updated Financial Tools Deliver Seamless Integration Between Construction Estimates & Costbooks

Construction Estimates can be seamlessly integrated with Construction Costbooks in UDA ConstructionOnline | Construction Estimating Software | Construction Management Software

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the added ability for ConstructionOnline™ Users to automatically link all Estimate Items to a newly created Costbook when creating a new Costbook from an Estimate. Users will find two new controls within the Create New Costbook from Estimate modal including options to: 

  • Auto-generate costbook links for items in the selected estimate - which, when enabled, will create Costbook Items and/or Assemblies for each Estimate Line Item and/or Subcategory, and every Line Item in the Estimate will be linked to its respective Costbook Item in the newly created Costbook
  • Overwrite existing costbook item and assembly links - which, when enabled, will copy any pre-existing Costbooks Items or Assemblies in the Estimate to the newly created Costbook and update their linkage to the new instances of the Items/Assemblies in the new Costbook

With both controls enabled, ConstructionOnline™ will automatically update any existing links to Costbook Items with links to the new Costbook and remove any existing links to Costbook Assemblies with exceptions for Estimate Items and/or Subcategories linked to Takeoffs. The addition of these new controls further provides seamless integration between two of ConstructionOnline’s most powerful financial tools. 

Engineered for total performance, UDA takes pride in providing one system that centralizes construction companies’ costs. To learn more about how ConstructionOnline’s fully-integrated financial toolkit ensures accurate estimates while saving growing contractors critical time resources, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321.


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