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Updates to the Print Submittal Report Now Available within ConstructionOnline™

Enhanced Submittal Report introduced in ConstructionOnline | Construction Document Management | Construction Management Software

Known for providing industry-leading document management & correspondence tracking, UDA Technologies recently announced styling and formatting enhancements for Submittals printed from ConstructionOnline™. Submittals, along with ConstructionOnline's RFIs & Transmittals, give contractors powerful correspondence tracking tools that can be managed and stored within one cloud-based location as well as generated into professionally-branded printed reports. 

Updates recently released for the Print Submittal Report include - 

  • Header rows removed for individual Submittal tables
    • "Project Name - Current Date" now displays at the top of the Report rather than for each Submittal table
  • Updated alignment of table borders
  • Adjusted layout and alignment of the Submittal Details section
  • Modified title of Reports for individual Submittals (i.e. file name) to display the Submittal's Title instead of [Project Name - Submittals]
    • If multiple Submittals are included in the Report, then [Project Name - Submittals] is used

With a variety of communication & document management tools available, ConstructionOnline™ delivers on the promise to provide software solutions engineered to support the growth of successful companies around the world. To learn more about the construction management software trusted by more than 850,000 construction pros worldwide, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321.


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