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What You Need to Know: The Sunset of ConstructionSuite

UDA Technologies Answers Frequently Asked Questions about the Sunset of ConstructionSuite, UDA's desktop construction management software

Last year, UDA Technologies announced plans to sunset ConstructionSuite, the industry-renowned desktop construction management software launched in 2007. As more details have been released in recent months, UDA has confirmed that the current version of ConstructionSuite (ConstructionSuite™ 13) will be the final version of ConstructionSuite. 

Michael Stevens, the President & CEO of UDA Technologies, elaborates on the decision to sunset ConstructionSuite at this time - and what the future holds:

open quotation-1When we founded UDA Technologies in 1999, we set out to provide innovative project management software - something that I found to be lacking from the business software landscape when managing my own construction business throughout the 1990s. And we’ve stood by that goal - reimagining our product offerings to best align with technology trends and market demand. This strategy has not only kept us at the forefront of the industry, but it’s made sure our customers had the tools needed to be leaders in construction.close quotation

UDA’s first iteration of construction software was ConstructionOffice™ (1999-2007) - a system of construction productivity tools built on the foundation of Microsoft™ Office. As adoption soared, users asked for more - more power, more options, more control. Enter ConstructionSuite, UDA’s independent desktop construction management suite that delivered robust, customizable tools for construction estimating, scheduling, contracts, and more. UDA made the strategic decision to replace ConstructionOffice with ConstructionSuite - and for the better part of a decade, ConstructionSuite led the construction management software industry. 

open quotation-1ConstructionSuite took the industry by storm when it was released in 2007, and over the years, it was recognized time and again as an ideal toolkit for any professional managing a construction business. We’re incredibly proud of ConstructionSuite's success over the last 17 years, but technology has continued to advance and users want different things from their construction management software today - more flexibility, expanded collaboration, online access, mobile access, freedom from the office…and just like we did before, we’ve continue to innovate solutions to meet and exceed the needs of real-world construction pros - that’s proven by the success we’ve seen with ConstructionOnline.close quotation

ConstructionOnline, a web-based construction management software, offers powerful, comprehensive online tools for all facets of construction estimating, scheduling, project tracking, documentation, communication, and more. UDA’s most successful endeavor to date, ConstructionOnline has been recognized as the #1 construction management software on the market by industry experts in terms of functionality, value, ease of use, customer support, and more. ConstructionOnline continues to gain notoriety with a growing international client base and double-digit revenue growth year after year. 

open quotation-1At this point, subscriptions to ConstructionOnline outsell ConstructionSuite more than 50 to 1. ConstructionOnline supports just over 1 million construction professionals at firms of all sizes with the power and speed they need to compete in today's ever-changing construction environment. When we take all of this into consideration, it makes sense for us as a business to direct all of our resources to growing, marketing, and supporting ConstructionOnline.close quotation

UDA Technologies has a legacy of providing 5-star customer service & support to construction pros working with ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline, and that dedication to the success of their valued customers won’t be changing. 

open quotation-1Our goal is your success - that’s something that is just central to the culture of our company here, and we’re committed to supporting our customers during this time of transition - and beyond. We mean it when we say we’re here to help.close quotation

Need-to-Know Information regarding the sunset of ConstructionSuite:

  • At the end of 2023, sales of new licenses and upgrades of ConstructionSuite will be terminated. No additional updates will be issued to current ConstructionSuite licenses beyond this date. 
  • At the end of 2024, all TotalCare Benefits will be discontinued - including integration services and all technical support services for ConstructionSuite. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the sunset of ConstructionSuite: 

  • I currently have ConstructionSuite installed on one or more computers. Will my license(s) continue to work?
    No. Starting in 2024, ConstructionSuite will not be viable as a primary business software. Although individual installations may continue to work temporarily for some users, we would not recommend relying on ConstructionSuite for any business critical data. 

    ConstructionSuite is built on the Windows operating system, and regular updates to ConstructionSuite over the years have ensured the system’s compatibility with every new iteration of Windows. Going forward, updates to the Windows operating system could be issued at any time, and such updates will impact the functionality of ConstructionSuite. Since all development for ConstructionSuite will be suspended by the end of 2023, there will be no recourse for recovering your data or restoring your installation when this occurs. 

    Additionally, any integrations between ConstructionSuite and 3rd party software systems like QuickBooks, PlanSwift, Microsoft Office, and more will no longer be supported. With the sunset of ConstructionSuite, these connections will be in jeopardy and data will not be able to be transferred. 

  • What will happen to my data when ConstructionSuite stops working?
    When ConstructionSuite stops working, any & all data stored in ConstructionSuite will no longer be accessible, and there will be no option for data recovery. Remember, all ConstructionSuite data is stored on your local device or independent server, so UDA has no access to your data. If data preservation measures are not taken, all data will be lost. This includes, but is not limited to -
    • Construction Contracts & Documents
    • Document Templates
    • Estimates & Estimate Templates
    • Schedules & Schedule Templates
    • Project Files & Reports
    • Contacts, Leads, & Opportunities
  • What should I do?
    Now is the time to act, and we’re here to help. Schedule a meeting with one of our expert Product Consultants to develop a customized transition plan, or follow the guidelines below. 

    You will need to take steps to preserve your data:
    • Take inventory of what data your team has stored in ConstructionSuite.
    • Create any necessary reports and/or other construction documents.
    • Allow plenty of time to download/export all data.
      • Note: Creating a ConstructionSuite “Data Backup” is not a sufficient approach in this instance - because a data backup file is only compatible with ConstructionSuite. In preparing for access after ConstructionSuite stops working, you’ll need to be sure files are in a format that is readable by a 3rd party program (i.e. Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs…)
    You will also need to determine how your business will handle construction management processes going forward. Will you be transitioning to a different construction management software, like ConstructionOnline? Will you revert to standard services, like Microsoft Office? Will you no longer be needing construction management software due to retirement or close of business? Whatever your future plan, it may impact how you go about transitioning your data out of ConstructionSuite.

    For instance, we’ve helped thousands of construction professionals successfully transition from ConstructionSuite to ConstructionOnline in recent years. SuiteLink, a benefit of UDA’s TotalCare Services, is a connection between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline that allows for the direct transfer of certain data from the desktop to the web - a function that’s really streamlined the transition for many users. For data that isn’t included in SuiteLink, ConstructionOnline provides a variety of robust, detailed import options. 

  • Is ConstructionOnline just ConstructionSuite in the cloud?
    No. ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline are two completely different programs, and it’s important to note that when deciding if ConstructionOnline is the best-fit solution for your team going forward. 

    ConstructionOnline does offer powerful core construction management features like Estimating and Scheduling, but even in those features, there are key differences between ConstructionSuite’s functionality and ConstructionOnline’s functionality. ConstructionOnline also offers dozens of additional features and benefits not found in ConstructionSuite - or other construction software solutions on the market. 

    Think ConstructionOnline might be a good fit for your company’s construction management needs going forward? Learn more:


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